Manufacturer's guarantee

In compliance with the decision of 1999/44/EC for the sale and consumer guarantee, starting March 23, 2002, X-Fusion products will be covered by the following regulations.


The warranty period for all X-Fusion products is 24 months starting from the original date of purchase and is valid for all countries in the European community. A copy of the ordinary invoice (in compliance with the regulations, according to the Spanish or Portuguese tax agency) of the original purchase must be attached for each product that is sent for repair under these warranty terms. Delivery notes and handwritten receipts that do not validate their authenticity will not be valid to process any guarantee. Acceptance of the warranty will depend on the discretion of X-Fusion technical service or any authorized technical service acting on its behalf.

X-Fusion or its agents will determine if the failure is due to tampering or misuse of the product. The warranty will be void if the buyer does not inform the seller of the failure after 60 days of discovery. X-Fusion applies only the terms of the warranty mentioned in this warranty determination and in the legal regulation of February 2, 2002, No. 24 and reserves the right to judge whether the product is subject to the following terms. To keep the general warranty conditions valid for all X-Fusion Shox forks/shocks/dropper posts, it is absolutely necessary that the buyer performs annual or hourly maintenance and applies the cleaning care established by the manufacturer in the user manual:

 • Before each outing: cleaning without pressure and neutral soap.

 • Every 5 hours: greasing, lubricating the seals with specific oil. (use special oil for forks and shock absorbers).

To keep the general warranty conditions valid, it is also necessary for all products to be adjusted and used in accordance with the X-Fusion user manual and the bicycle manufacturer's user manual. The correct spring hardness or air pressure and damping adjustment are crucial to maintaining the proper functioning of the suspension elements over the intended life of said product.

After 200 hours or 12 months of use from the original date of purchase:

 • Send the shock absorber to the Authorized Service Center for general maintenance and inspection of all components.

 • To maintain the performance of your shock absorber, we recommend that you contact an authorized X-Fusion service.

Wear items not covered under these warranty terms:

 • Retainers

 • Board

 • Fluids

 • Worn parts due to lack of lubrication or maintenance.

The warranty will be considered void if damage to the components has been caused by:

 • Failure to follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule

 • Using the product outside of its intended uses

 • A use in competition

 • Damage to the external construction of the shock absorber (by another object) during use

 • Any attempt to dismantle the hydraulic shock absorber by unauthorized technicians

 • Use of replacement parts that are not approved or recognized by X-Fusion Shox

 • Damage caused by transportation or loss (the transportation company will be responsible for having insurance for such damages)

 • Excessive spring preload to the air chamber.

Transportation of the product to the X-Fusion service center must be sent free of charge through NACEX. The contents of the package must be perfectly protected and packaged.

X-Fusión rejects any responsibility for damages to the buyer or third parties that are caused by the cyclist, by transportation or by other use of the shock absorber or the bicycle. If the shock absorber is damaged or does not function properly, X-Fusion has no responsibility other than to repair or replace the shock absorber, according to the conditions mentioned above for technical service and warranty.